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Midnight Bloom Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Midnight Bloom Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

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Step into the night with our Midnight Bloom Muay Thai Boxing Shorts. Crafted from luscious black satin, these shorts symbolize the mysterious allure of the ancient fighting discipline. The striking pink and silver decal is a burst of hope, a promise of blooming triumph even in the darkest battles.

The beautiful decal design isn’t just aesthetic appeal; it’s a representation of your fighting spirit, blossoming with every strike, every kick, and every clinch. The juxtaposition of dark and bright colours mirrors the Yin and Yang of the fight game.
Al’s Gym brings you not just a pair of shorts, but a companion for your Muay Thai journey. The Midnight Bloom Muay Thai Boxing Shorts are more than attire; they're a symbol of your untiring resolve and elegant ferocity.

Ready to bloom amidst the demanding and passionate world of Muay Thai?
Slide into a pair of Midnight Bloom shorts, and let your combat tale unfold with every powerful stride you take in the ring!


Available in sizes S-XXL.

Made in Thailand.

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