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Leather Full Contact Head Guard
Genuine Thai import leather headguard. Includes head adjuster & velcro closing strap on the..
Al's Gym Fighter Tee
This is the tee that our team wear when entering the battle ground & here it is available to ..
£14.99 £10.00
Gel Shock Handwrap
Brand New Product - the QuickWrap Gel-Shock is a unique hand wrap with a Gel padded neoprene knuc..
FBT MMA Ouano style gloves
This is a lovely new addition to the MMA 'Ouano Style' glove market, manufactured by FBT in Tha..
Leather Belly Protector
This Belly Protector is made from leather and features a tough construction as well leather velcr..
Red Flame Glitter Satin Thai Shorts
Classic fighter design all the way from the Bangkok Stadiums. Now you can own this great style ..
Black Nationman Anklets
Everyone's favourite anklet imported from Thailand. No kitbag is complete without them! These..
Wire Core Speed Skipping Rope
We've been after getting these on the site for ages. Probably the best speed rope we've ever used..
Pro Fighter Tee Shirt
This Pro Fighters T-Shirt is an official Hanuthai and Sasiprapa product which is exclusive to Al'..
Twins Heavy Skipping Rope
This new Twins Special heavy skipping rope is a pimped up version of the old classic Thai Heavy P..
8oz Thai Boxing Fight Gloves
The ultimate bag and pad glove for heavy hitters and serious MT fans. This is what the Thai's u..
Steel Wall Bracket
Hang the bag on this and then give it a good kicking!. Make sure that you drill the holes into ..
Dance Music Rounds CD
10 x 3 min rounds of pumping dance music with no drop-out's with 1 min rests of breakbeat music. ..
Super Safe Head Guard
The awesome new Super Safe Head Guard from means you can spar Full Contact Muay ..
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Xtreme Leather Shin and Instep Protectors
These are a genuine leather Shin and Instep protectors designed for both Thai Boxing and MMA. T..
Double Gumshield
Quality boil and bite mouthguard with protection for the top and bottom jaw. Featues front slot..
Muay Thai Sleeveless Tee
Does what it say's on the tin. Nice sleeveless Muay Thai t-shirt imported from and made in Thaila..
Barrel Mesh Kit Bag
Why hasn't this been thought of before? A Kit Bag specifically designed for all your damp sparr..
Pink Nationman Anklets
Everyone's favourite anklet imported from Thailand. The Nationman Pink Anklets are rarer than h..
Leather Thai Pads
These are proper leather Thai Pads at a great price. Because they are made outside of Thailand an..
Purple Satin Thai Boxing Shorts
Custom made in Bangkok as a unisex design. Purple body colour with multicolour side stripes. ..
MTG Junior Thai Pads
Introducing the new hard wearing synthetic leather Junior Thai Pads. These little beauties may ..
Thai Boxing Cream
For deeper penetration (wahay!). Rub it all over, it has the great smell of Brut - well nearly...
Army Camo Thai Boxing Shorts
These excellent lightweight Nylon Muay Thai Camouflage shorts are exclusive to Al's Gym from Thai..
Royal Orchid Gold Thai Boxing Shorts Satin
Royal Orchid Gold Shorts. Check out the shine on these prestige shorts. Aimed at the higher e..
Als' Gym Leather Grappling Gloves
Top quality leather grappling glove. Full knuckle & wrist protection with 14" velcro strap. T..
You may have seen the original BOB (Body Opponant Bag), but this is BOB XL. He has a much larger ..
All Female Muay Thai Fights DVD
We all love watching Muay Thai Fights on DVD, but what could be better than watching a female onl..
Caged Steel Yellow and Black MMA Gloves
A quality leather custom designed glove which is ideal for both grappling and striking. Extra knu..
Xtreme Leather Spot Pads
The Xtreme Leather Spot Pads are wicked! They fit really comfortably and have a great MIDI size. ..
Gum Shield Mouth Guard
Classic boil-to-fit gumshield available in any colour as long as it's black. Comes complete wit..
Red Bull Long Sleeve Tee
As far as we are aware, Al's Gym are the first people to import the new Long Sleeve Red Bull Tee...
Thai Leather Bag Gloves (Blue)
High quality leather bag gloves (pair), made in Thailand to their usual high standard with elasti..
Portable Boxing Ring - 16 Foot Complete With Floor Matting
16 Foot ring with 14 Foot fighting area. Quick to assemble four rope boxing ring. Comes compl..
Boxing Ring Timer
This is a great round timer, and we have one in our gym at WAKT It has a large digital display ..
Boxing Glove Satin Thai Boxing Shorts
Top quality Muay Thai shorts for the fighter with style. Treat yourself (it's your birthday soo..
Leather Curved Spot Pads
Now, these are smooth. Pre-curved leather pads which are ideal for boxing, shin kicks, or knee's...
Thai Oil Liniment 120cc
Genuine Thai Oil Liniment, this is the full penetration real deal with that familiar smell. Rub o..
Thai Black Leather Boxing Gloves
Newly designed pattern Muay Thai Boxing Glove - finished in Black Leather. Designed for maximum..
Mini Thai Boxing Car Window Shorts
How cool are these! Genuine Muay Thai shorts (Made in Thailand) but of a miniature variety. The..
Fairtex MMA Sparring Gloves
At last - MMA Sparring Gloves with full knuckle padding (like a boxing glove). Some of you may ..
Playboy Stag Tee
This is the newest t-shirt from the guys at Nokila. It pretty much say's it all for the lads - Pl..
£13.50 £5.00
Muay Thai Knock Out's VCD
This is a Thai import VCD (Video Compact Disc) which features almost an hour of non-stop 100% Mua..
PU Thai Pads (pair)
Totally affordable option. These Thai Pads are ideal for everyone from beginners to intermediat..
Hanuthai Thai Boxing Holdall Kit Bag in Royal Blue
This Muay Thai Kit Holdall features everything a Thai Boxer needs when travelling between trainin..
Nationman Elbow Pads
Genuine Thai Nationman brand, the best elbow pads on the market. These pads are contoured to st..
Red Bull Polo Shirt
New and exclusive limited edition polo shirt from Bangkok (Red Bull are official Muay Thai sponso..
£12.99 £10.00
Poisoner Muay Thai Shorts
Poisoner Muay Thai Shorts The K-1 version of these have become so popular that we have decided ..
Portable Boxing Ring - 16 Foot Without Floor Matting
16 Foot ring with 14 Foot fighting area. Quick to assemble four rope boxing ring. Comes compl..
Ellylong Pink Black and Glitter Thai Boxing Shorts
Personally designed by ellylong. Another prestige quality product from Hanuthai in Thailand. ..
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