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Chok Dee Pra
Chok Dee Pra means Lucky Buddha, and if you've ever been to Thailand you'll know that everyone ha..
Bandage Scissors
Stainless steel 'blunt' bandage scissors for your corner team. An essential item for any and ev..
Rubber Gun
Solid rubber with realistic weight. Ideal for self defense training, or scaring the shite out o..
Speed Agility Ladder
This is great for dexterity speed sprint burst as well as plyometric jumps to bridge the gap betw..
Rubber Knife
Ideal alternative to the Alloy Knife. This one is made out of heavy rubber and has a realistic we..
Boxing Ring Timer
This is a great round timer, and we have one in our gym at WAKT It has a large digital display ..
Very popular as souvenirs to hang on the wall at home as well as with fighters for ring entrance ..
Thai Fight Garland
Thai import fighter garland, once again very popular as souvenirs to brighten up the home or gym,..
Mini Boxing Gloves
What Thai Boxer's car is complete without a pair of these dangling from the rear view mirror? (ma..
Power Harness
The Power Harness provides an awesome resistance plyometric workout for any fighter looking to im..
Neoprene Weighted Cardio Gloves
These comfortable Neoprene Gloves are ideal for all Combat Sports such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, ..
Thai Boxing Trophy
These lovely Thai Boxing Trophies also make great ornaments for the Muay Thai fan. Each trophy ..
Duckie Personal Massager
This floating, waterproof little fella sits by your bath or bed with those big innocent blue eyes..
£19.99 £10.00
Mini Thai Boxing Car Window Shorts
How cool are these! Genuine Muay Thai shorts (Made in Thailand) but of a miniature variety. The..
Nylon Head Harness with Chain
Want to be able to clinch like a Thai Champion? Well now you can build up your neck and upper bac..
Bruising Iron
Professional Stainless Steel Bruising Iron for the ice bucket. Every good corner team needs one..
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