Power Harness

Power Harness
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The Power Harness provides an awesome resistance plyometric workout for any fighter looking to improve their core strength.
Ideal for building acceleration and first step explosion, this is done by heavy resistance by either another individual manually resisting the athlete or by pulling an object, i.e. sled, tires, etc. This harness fits across the shoulders so the athlete can generate a forward sprinters lean and explode out of the start. These harnesses have been used by individuals training for every combat sport and are becoming very popular for those training for MMA or Muay Thai.
Please note that the harness doesn't come supplied with rope (which can be bought cheaply at any DIY store).

* Webbed strap harness features neoprene cushioned shoulder straps and buckle strap
* Two metal D rings are attached to secure rope or bungee (not supplied)
* Great for strength training and cardiovascular drills
* One size

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